Operation projects


Vodafone Hungary Co.Ltd
MSC-02 regional operations and maintenance projects at Székesfehérvár. The maintenance of 700 fire alarm systems throughout the country.

Citibank Plc.
Offices, banking establishments, maintenance projects of 68 institutions and maintenance of residential property.

Raiffeisen Bank Co.Ltd
Operations and maintenance of the establishment in Késmárk Street, Aréna Corner Office Building and maintenance of mobile banking offices (91 properties).

FHB Financial Services Co.Ltd
The operational maintenance of 19 financial institutions

FHB Real Estate Co.Ltd
Maintenance works for the clients of FHB properties.

Budapest Bank Plc.
The cleaning and maintenance of the main buildings and offices of Budapest Bank in consortium with Super Komfort Ltd.

Huawei Technologies H. Ltd.
Creation, operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of INTEGRA CAFM facility management system
Companies utilizing CAFM: Raiffeisen Bank, FHB Bank, Citibank, Vodafone, DHL, Budapest Bank, Huawei Ltd.