At the time of setting up the company, we have made a decision which would give our business its true character both on the theoretical and business levels: we would put our work into the most demanding sectors and apply the highest standards a company could give to meet client expectations. In the last two decades, our primary aim was to take part in challenging projects that would greatly contribute to our continuous professional advancement. Our passion and dedication remain the same today.

The establishment of Rekon Co.Ltd in the 1990’s was accompanied by the installation of the Hungarian dual banking system. The newly introduced segment was considered completely unheard-of in the constructions industry; therefore it was not uncommon that the already existing companies were seldom fit to carry out the tasks demanded by international clientele.

Recognizing the gap in the market, Rekon Co.Ltd had made it its priority to offer turnkey solutions to the biggest players of the Hungarian financial sector. We have earned the recognition of our clients based on the use of special electronic, mechanic and security systems which were applied on the architectural-, interior-, engineering-, heavy- and light current levels to comply with their needs, including the ergonomic design and the installation of furniture.

Throughout the following years the quality of our work gained reassurance through the construction of hundreds of banks which all add to our portfolio. In search of new perspectives, Rekon Co.Ltd has also become primary contractor in terms of design and execution in other construction segments such as that of residential parks and office buildings. Adding to our pride is a list of renovations and reconstructions which were carried out on our national monuments, thus contributing to the conservation of historical sites for the future generations to see.

The achievements listed above can be attributed to the continuous integrated training of our staff. Nearing to two decades of work, we can rest assured that Rekon Co.Ltd can handle any sort of architectural and interior challenge as well as develop and implement complex telecommunications and IT procedures.

Our company philosophy is based on staying ahead of the game. Therefore it was no surprise when we decided to develop our own software solution to facilitate our operations. Its implementation was key to becoming even better players, taking our work to a whole new level, offering an even wider range of solutions to our clients.

Integra CAFM was developed by field professionals, engineers and programmers to create a modular system based on a new structural concept which would enable efficiency and ease of use in determining the different needs of companies. The success of the created system is well defined by the fact that one of the largest mobile operator companies in Hungary has implemented our solution to aid their everyday work

However, looking back to the past years we consider one of our biggest achievements to be the long-term relationships with our clients which we have built upon a solid foundation of honesty and trust. In return, they repeatedly confide in us to assist them with their newest projects which we are very much honored by every time.




György Rajkai
Rekon Co.Ltd