Starting from our first decision – with which we decided to focus on the most demanding sector of the industry ie. banking and other financial institutions – our primary goal has always been to offer work that is of high quality, professionally handled and centered around the specific requests of the client.

With the evolution of Rekon Co.Ltd, the need for our work to be based on uniform principles of pre-defined and controlled processes had emerged. We have applied MEB ( = Occupational Health and Safety Management System) principles combined with quality and environment policies known to our external partners.

The goal of the management, external partners and internal workforce alike is non other than to deliver the expected quality of work in compliance with the deadlines to its partners, meanwhile complying with the ISO 9001 quality management system and adhering to the strict regulations of the field. For the fortification of this purpose we are also applying ISO 14001 (environmental operations system) and MSZ 28001(occupation and health safety management system) which are both integrated into our operations system.

Munkánk minőségének állandó javításával, a megrendelők igényeinek kielégítésével, korrekt kapcsolatok kiépítésével biztosítjuk a Zrt. piaci jelenlétét, úgy, hogy tevékenységünk egyre kisebb környezetterheléssel járjon, és biztosítsuk munkatársaink növekvő biztonságát.

Our market presence is justified by our tireless work to improve quality, satisfy our clients needs and to build relationships on the the foundation of trust. At the same time we are working hard on improving our ecological footprint, as well as fortifying the safety of our colleagues.

One of the most important fundamentals of the quality represented by our company is the accumulated professional knowledge and experience of almost 25 years. The market dynamics have always dictated the future of Rekon Co.Ltd; it is no surprise that we expanded our scope of services to include contracting for fitout, besides carrying out both the architectural and interior tasks.

Environmental and quality management and MEB system implementation, its continuous upgrade, annual review and certification renewal is obligatory for the management of Rekon Co.Ltd The completion of these tasks have a positive impact on the organizational level of the company, as they escalate the standards set out for the projects, add to the positive public recognition, improve the finances of activities, aid environmental protection, health protection and security matters.

Rekon Co.Ltd enforces government and industry standards upon own workforce as well as subcontractors for the purposes of environmental protection and occupational safety during the operations.

Operations at Rekon Co.Ltd are centered around environmental responsibility and occupational safety, therefore its quintessential aims are as follows:

  • The continuous support -and inspection of- subcontractors in regards to their occupational safety and environmental performance
  • The responsible use of company resources
  • The responsible handling of the produced waste
  • The continuous aim to detect workplace hazards and to lower associated risks, eliminate accidents and prevent harm.

The objectives enlisted above are subject to clarification upon management review. The company informs third parties on the aforementioned standard policies, their incidental modifications should they be applicable and ensures mutual understanding of the functions of the integrated system. In order to achieve its goals, Rekon Co.Ltd is willing to aid collaboration in all matters.

Budapest, 2015.05.04.

Rajkai György