During the creation process of the Integra CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) system, our goal was to come up with a facility management software based on modular operations, which could be quickly and effectively upgraded, for the purpose of satisfying custom orders in the simplest and most efficient way, while also providing ourselves transparency on enterprise resources.

There is no need to apply a client.

The whole workflow is web-based; all you need is an up-to-date web browser. This way the geographical barriers are eliminated between co-users, thus facilitating group projects and giving control over system supervision for the company management.

Integra is a modular system.

It allows the implementation of any sort of company-specific upgrades without disturbing the ongoing workflow. We are not offering softwares, we are offering a solution which will aid the development of your company and at the same time grow together with it.

Outstanding Program Safety

The Integra database uses MySql with SSL link encryption. Running the program primarily uses our own securitized servers of whose data we are saving and backing up every 4 hours, and locking away in a banks safety deposit at the end of each day. Installing the software on custom servers (those belonging to the client) is also an available option, programmed to the security expectations of our clients. There is no history whatsoever of any loss of data or unauthorized access while utilizing our software.

Data Privacy can be further strengthened.

Integra works with separate groups of users, who are able to use the software without having access to the work of others. The basic set up consists of five different eligibility levels: administrator, announcer, maintainer, monitor user and financial user, however, there is a possibility to customize types of access as per request. Thanks to the above the use of the software becomes quick and efficient.

Transparency of the System

A detailed, transparent and customizable database can be immediately put to use following the implementation of the software. It contains all the characteristics of the object or objects, and all the relevant information for the company concerning machinery, furniture or other valuable equipment.

The software is intelligent.

Integra has the unique ability to integrate new data into the system while it is running, hence the “intelligent” marker. For this reason the initial phase of software implementation takes significantly less time, which is favorable in the world of demanding business. Our multiple years of experience are not the least negligible; we have come to realize that the mechanisms created by programmers in operations software are very much different from actual real life needs. Therefore we have found it necessary to consult, and to work closely together with, professionals who have experience in the field of establishments operations, and engineers to lay the foundations of our own system.

Besides the above, it is also important to us that we stand as a company of a reliable and stable background and that we are capable of further developing our system, which is already able to effectively address challenges and handle shifts in the market.

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