IT is undeniably one of the fastest growing and most important segments of our century. Constant innovations truly set demanding circumstances in the everyday lives of scientists, designers and engineers alike. Due to our evolutionary company philosophy, it is only natural that we entered into the world of telecommunications establishments.


Our first step in the field can be recorded back in the 90’s, when we partnered with Pannon and the Budapest University of Technology and Economics to create a complete 900 MHz network in the country. During that period we have handed over establishments of 300-400 m2 in size of which were mostly Greenfield Investments. Complete architecturural execution, uninterruptible power supply and the whole IT network were set up in each case.

Following the rather successful cooperations, Rekon Co.Ltd had undertaken the task of creating almost all of Pannons transmission and network technology centers. Later, Rekon Co.Ltd became the Hungarian partner of Nokia, while they were installing the 1800MHz network, creating hundreds of base stations, high tower stations and switching centers on the national level.

Besides the construction of telecommunications establishments, we widened our scope with integrated central computer rooms. We have built countless telecommunication centers and computer rooms for banks, placing emphasis on security. Thanks to our mutual cooperation on the issue, our partnership with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics has enabled us to offer personalized IT solutions to our clients, thus the years of hard work have paid off.