The most important aspect when constructing a bank is utmost security. Our work is based on our principle goal, which is to offer the highest quality work through the use of the best available materials and, nevertheless, to precisely follow through with the entire construction based on the need of our client.

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Rekon Co.Ltd has built its first bank branch back in the year 1991. In the following years our company has handed over hundreds of similar turnkey properties adding to its repertoire. Thanks to their endless passion for work and continuous integrated education in the field, our colleagues have managed to escalate Rekon Co.Ltd to be the market leading branch for the construction of financial institutions in Hungary. In the years passing by, our personnel gained a wide range of indispensable experience in both the financial and telecommunications sectors. Together with the top management of Rekon Co.Ltd, their most important aim is to meet the strictest rules of quality assurance in each and every case.

The heads of Rekon Co.Ltd, the whole staff and all contributors share a common goal: to firmly stick to- and insist upon confining to- the strict quality and deadline standards set under ISO 9001. At the same time however, it is integrated into the system in a way that all standards are in compliance with the environmental management standards under ISO 14001 as well as the MSZ 28001.